Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5: This Time We'll Take It Slow

Hello everyone! I hope that everyone had a wonderful day! Mine was great, besides the time wasted getting my car's tire and oil changed. It's my last week of winter break before going back to school, so I have started attemping to organize my things around the house and went to check out some sales. I got this fleece jacket that looks like my north face denali and it was only $10.49! So, I plan on taking it to get embroidered with  "KKΓ", for my sorority! They usually sell those jackets already embroidered for like 40 dollars, so this is a great deal! I also got a draped cardigan from another store because I realized that out of all my cardigans I didn't have a black one that I really liked!

Another good thing that happened today, was that Sabrina the teenage witch, seasons 2 & 3, came in the mail!! Also, we got Dance Central and Zumba for the Xbox Kinect. They are the funniest games ever, and such a great workout! I am so sad that I can't take it with me to school, but I feel I will be coming home just to play. 

Goalwise, I got some news about my pharmacy tech goal. Apparently, in oklahoma, you don't have to take the test! If you get on the job training a pharmacist can fill paperwork out for you for you to be certified! So instead of working on the goal, I am just going to start studying for the PCAT! I am excited!

I think I am finally coming to terms with the fact that I am not Pre-Med anymore....I know that I will be really happy being a pharmacist and it will be a good fit for me. Also, I can still work in a hospital! 

Overall, I just have to make sure that I do not get to overwhelmed...I just need to take it slow. :)

Talk to you guys tomorrow!
Maybe I will put up pictures of my future dreams! 


  1. I want to be a pharmacist!! I have to start studying for the PCAT soon too.. What a blast! (please note the sarcasm) haha

  2. omgosh my boyfriends fam has dance central for the kinnect.. it is too much fun! i love all your goals! i hope you reach them all! i'm now following you!