Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What's Up Lent?

It's been so long!! :( I wish I was better at blogging lol. But what has been going on, well next week is Spring Break! Yes! I will be going back to Mexico for vacation and I am so excited! But, there are still two testes standing in the way, and my brain has already checked out! Oh well, I can do it!

Well, the one reason I wanted to update was because I want somewhere to write what my plans for lent are. I plan on giving up all fast food restaurant chains, and then saying some sort of prayer each night. I wanted to do the rosary every night, but I feel that I would get frustrated and it would feel to repetitive.
So yeah, if you participate in lent, what are you giving up??

As for my 100 days of change, I am working on it! Change is happening! yay.

Well to end this, I am going to put my favorite prayer...well right now!