Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 14: Oh Happy Days.


Sorry for the lack of great updates! Today is a good day...I am at work right now..just chilling( I love my job!) I went to lunch with a friend, and it was super yummy :) Good way to end the week. Now for a 3-day weekend! YES! I plan on living it up. My roommate & a few friends is roading tripping to Washington DC. They thought about it and planned it yesterday. Oh yeah, from here it is a 20 hour drive. I could never do that. I am to OCD & want to have every detail planned out, also I just love the aiport. It was one of my favorite places! The reason is because when you are there you are going somewhere & I love that feeling. Or, someone I love/want to see is coming to see me. 

Sometimes when I get upset, I like to drive around town to some of my favorite places or places that inspire me. On that list is the airport, OU Tulsa, Hilcrest/St. Johns, and then neighborhoods with nice houses.

What are some of your guys favorite places? Or Where in your city do you go for inspiration?

Talk to you later!
A picture I took when I went to the airport


  1. ive only been on a plan 1 time! and i am much to OCD too to just hop in the car and go on a trip 20 hours away!

  2. I'm the same way about being OCD over stuff.. I have to have myself a schedule! No way would I ever be spontaneous enough to hop in the car for 20 hours!! haha Hope you have a great weekend!