Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 11:I'll Give you Bonafied Lovin'

Hey! I hope everyone day was swell! Today was a really good day for me! I only had one class and it was with a prof. that is awesome! It was abnormal psych. Afterwords, I napped, got books for the class, and then gave a tour of my city to our sorority leadership consultant from nationals with my grandbig and another girl. It was surprisingly fun! Then this evening we had a COB(continuous open bidding) event! It was a lot of fun too, because I got to see people that I haven't seen in a few days. I just love being a Kappa!

Goalwise- I hit the gym with my friend L! and then in the evening I did p90x ab ripper with my other friend L who also lives in the house. It was painful, but we were laughing through the pain because there were no other feelings lol.

I am currently working on reading Hunger Games! I think it is okay so far, it reminds me of the Uglies series, which I love. I hope that it gets better as I go on.

I am going to get my PCAT books soon! For now, I am just buying some from a senior, who took it last year, and then if I need another on I will get it when my test date gets closer. I'm not going to be taking it until june/july! 

I had a question that I wanted to put out to the blogger-verse, but after such a good day, I don't want to think about it anymore...maybe tomorrow! 

Lastly, I have 10 followers! yay! Thank you so much for following me, I really appericate when you guys comment. I never thought that I would have 1 follower lol. I might even do a giveaway one day!

peace <3 .....that's so 2004 haha

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