Wednesday, February 2, 2011



First, I'm sorry for not updating for a while! I was just going through sometimes, and could not bring myself to want to update.

Second, we are having a snow week!! yay, my college is canceled for the week and it's amazing! Just tons of hanging out with my sisters and at the frats! Oh, and crafting too! yay! Also, some people organzied a snowball fight at my college. It was Athletes vs. Greeks, then turned to Athletes vs. Greeks vs. Everyone Else, but it ended up kind of being Athletes & Greeks vs. Everyone else. It was so much fun and the local news even came out! I love my college so much!!!

Only bad thing is that I am starting to get cabin fever....erg.

During my break from the blog I realized that this is suppouse to be 100 days of change...meaning that i need to change!!!! I am really trying, but not as much as I could be.

Okay, that all for now....I'll try to put some pictures up soon!

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